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Black listed and canceled


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Iam a man of God and our God given rights. It's time American wake up to the reality. See I live in oregon were from 2000 I have been pushing for the truth and God and protecting the children. I had my wallet stolen out of my car when I was playing basket ball and could see the car and the alarm never went off. I've had my identity stolen and put 2.5 million for what we found in debt. They hacked my family icons 5 yrs ago and when we tried to FaceTime we could see different people and then the screen blacked out. Had our house vandalized, lost my job and threatened by sheriff's and the courts and lost everything bank accounts hacked and gone invevestments gone.followed, every had our house robbed and all the electronics taken poisoned and had my heart stop twice. Sat in a er room begging for help and explained what was happening even showed proof. And refused service and called a druggy after 6hrs and being denied medical I left and drove home and was in bed 3 days when it stopped again and my wife came to check on me because I hadn't been out of bed in 3day and I was cold and didn't have a heart beat. I could see every thing happening with me and her from above and I could see a light and heard a voice telling me I had to go back it wasn't my time. So even all that happened and being banned from any social media and having nothing, I still standing by myself calling out all the corruption here in oregon and the corrupt schools and the governor and have been writing the senate and state and the Republicans demanded they hold to there oath they took and the many violations of our God given rights that are being broken. I drew the line in the sand to stand for God protecting the children and family. And exposing the corruption even if it kills me. I've lost family friends it's all worth it for the truth. Were are all the oregon people that talk the talk but run when things get tough. God bless America and God and our soldiers!